For those interested of the airport’s history.


1935 – May 29th – a protocol was concluded for establishing the Timişoara Communal Airport close to the village of Moşnita Veche, and on July 17th, the first aircraft executing a technical flight.

  • 1960 – the airport was built in the current location, close to Ghiroda Commune.
  • 1964 – February 28th, the current terminal for internal flights was commissioned.
  • 1975-1980 – the extension of the aircrafts landing-take off track was executed, from 2500 to 3500 m and the terminal buildings for international flights, the control tower, the official hall and the administrative building were inaugurated.
  • 1980-1990 – internal flights, Timişoara – Bucharest and Timişoara – Constanţa were executed on the airport, as well as international flights to Frankfurt, New York, Chicago.
  • 1998 – the house for goods storage for cargo and express freight activities was inaugurated.
  • 2002 – the terminal building for internal flights was upgraded.
  • 2003 – February 6th, the airport found its spiritual identity in the person of the world aeronautics pioneer – Traian Vuia, born in Banat; on May 19th the transit terminal was inaugurated, the airport becoming and air hub, linking important cities in Romania with cities in Italy and Germany.
  • 2004 – November 10th – the extension and the upgrade of the terminal for international flights were inaugurated.
  • 2005 – elaboration of a pre-feasibility study for the “Development program 2006-2015″.
  • 2006 – extension of the platform for aircraft parking in order to meet the requirement of a continuously increasing traffic and the construction of a new parking lot and an access road in the airport.
  • 2007 – December 12th – the extension works for the international departures terminal were completed.
  • 2008 – March – the extension of the internal departures terminal.
  • 2009 – July – L-C runway extension on the East of the aircraft ramp implementation.
  • 2010 – July – electronic perimeter surveillance implementation.
  • 2010 – September – finalization of Terminal No. 1 (Domestic Flights Terminal Arrivals, future NON-Schengen Terminal).
  • 2012 – October – 2013 – August – current repair works on the runway / landing aircraft.
  • 2013 – May – modernization of one of the electrical power transformer facilities, which provides electrical power lighting system.
  • 2013 – repairs to the aircraft parking platform.
  • 2013 – daylight apron markings realization.