Dear passengers,

 Starting from March 1st, 2020, the parking-fees office opening hours will be between 07:00 and 15:00, daily.

 The fee for parking the cars in the airport car parks can be paid at the 4 taxation devices from the public area. 

  • To extend the passes, do the following:
  1. Extension at the taxation devices (the invoice can be requested later at the parking-fees office or by e-mail )
  2. Daily, at the parking-fees office, from 07:00 to 15:00
  • For new passes, do the following:
  1. Daily, at the parking-fees office, from 07:00 to 15:00
  2. Request by e-mail at

The office is for the purchase of subscriptions for parking, card payments and issuing invoices.

To pay parking tickets, please use the parking tolls.

Parking in the purview of Timisoara Traian Vuia International Airport

  • Car parking 1-  490 places
  • Car parking 2- 194 places

Additional Information: 0256-386089 int. 2209 or 2149.

Those who wish to park for a longer period of time, after parking can request a subscription from the parking office in terminal A.

Parking the services are automatically computed based on the number of units used, indicating that any establishment started the whole unit is considered.

Example: Taxation in parking 1: stationary for 50 hours, the calculation is as follows:

(24 hours x 5 Lei hour) + (next 24 hours x 4 lei / hour) + (next 2 hours x 3 lei / hour) =120 + 96 + 6 = 222 lei (50 hours stationary).

RATES FOR Parking P1, P2

TARIF P1 si P2
Primele 10 minute 2 Lei
In intervalul 10 min – 24h / 30 minute 2.5 Lei
1 ora 5 Lei
1 ora si 30 min 7.5 Lei
2 ore 10 Lei
2 ore si 30 min 12.5 Lei
3 ore 15 Lei
3 ore si 30 min 17.5 Lei
4 ore 20 Lei
4 ore si 30 min 22.5 Lei
5 ore 25 Lei
5 ore si 30 min 27.5 Lei
6 ore 30 Lei
6 ore si 30 min 32.5 Lei
7 ore 35 Lei
7 ore si 30 min 37.5 Lei
8 ore 40 Lei
24 ore 120 Lei
In intervalul 24 – 48 ore / 30 min 2 Lei
25 ore 124 Lei
26 ore 128 Lei
36 ore 168 Lei
48 ore 216 Lei
Peste 48 ore / 30 min 1.5 Lei
49 ore 219 Lei
50 ore 222 Lei
100 ore 372 Lei
168 ore 576 Lei

Prices for subscription (LEI)

P1 P2
1 week 350 250
1 month 500 300
2 months 620 350
3 months 750 400
4 months 820 480
5 months 900 520
6 months 1000 600
12 months 1500 1100

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, please pay attention to the indicators installed within the airport perimeter, to all the information displayed as well as to the indications of the guardians.

Do not enter the parking lot without the ticket issued when the barrier opens!

If you are not issued a ticket, please notify the guardians.

Do not enter or exit the parking lot without scanning the card if you have a subscription.

Keep the ticket for payment: you can leave the parking lot only with the paid ticket!

The parking rates and the applicable penalties in the case of non-compliance with the instruction below are displayed at the payment offices and within the parking lots.

Their amounts are approved by the Decisions of the Board of Directors and cannot be negotiated.

When entering the parking lot, take the ticket from the panel’s dispenser, placed on the left, before the barrier.

Respect the distances between vehicles (in accordance with the indicators placed in the barriers area), so that to avoid the access in the parking lot without taking the ticket!

You may leave the parking lot based on the ticket!

The clients who do not give back the ticket may pay penalties.The chips that were not taken from the dispenser, as well as those issued without vehicle access, are invalidated right away and will be taken at the cashier’s office.

During the entire visit to the Airport, the driver must keep the parking ticket without damaging it.

Attention! The following are forbidden:

  • Abusive use of the parking places reserved for the cars for the individuals with reduced mobility
  • To park the cars outside the marked area
  • To lose, damage or not to present the parking ticket

Making the payment:

Parking payment – Public area – domestic flights terminal

In addition to the time frame you have paid for, you take advantage of 15 extra minutes necessary for you to get to your car and leave the parking lot. The exit barriers are opened automatically after you have inserted the paid magnetic ticket into the barrier reader.

AIT is not responsible for:

  • The damages due to the non-compliance with the indicators and the traffic markings within the airport or the indications of the guardians.
  • The damages due to the barriers’ movements, in the case of failure to keep the distances between cars, regulated by the traffic signs;
  • Extending the period of using the public parking lots due to the postponement of the arrival / departure hours of the aircrafts;
  • Extending the waiting period at the payment offices of the parking lot, during the rush hours;
  • Any immediate or subsequent, direct or indirect consequence of the non-compliance with these rules or of the refusal to pay the displayed parking rates or the penalties.

The CCTV cameras installed in the parking lots are exclusively destined for the surveillance the flows; the video recordings are not available for the public.

During the use of the parking lot, the drivers must ensure the cars and the goods in them, the parking rate not including expenses for guarding.

The possible observations / complaints regarding the parking services:

– Are submitted at the information desks within the public area of the airport or to the parking payment offices

– Website: – Suggestions and complaints (in the bottom bar)