Starting with December 20, 2021, people entering the country must complete the digital entry form in Romania (PLF), a document adopted at the level of 18 states in the European Union and regulated today by the Government of Romania.
What is the digital entry form in Romania?
The form is a document that shows the countries and areas in which a person traveled before entering Romania.
The form is necessary to protect our health and those around us, because it streamlines epidemiological investigations and health measures in support of the population.
Based on the data in the form, the public health directorates will be able to more easily identify and contact people who came in contact, during the trip, with a citizen infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
What information does the digital entry form in Romania contain?

  • Name and surname, identification and contact details;
  • The country, region and locality from which he travels to Romania, including those in transit;
  • Location and destination address in Romania;
  • The means of transport with which he travels to Romania;
  • Date of entry into Romania;
  • Accompanying minor data, if applicable.

Who has to fill in the digital entry form in Romania?
The form is filled in by all persons who enter Romania and travel by plane, train, road or sea transport.
Where can I access the digital entry form in Romania?
The digital form can be generated electronically through the platform, developed by the Special Telecommunications Service based on the operational requirements of the Ministry of Health.
In order to release the form, it is necessary to authenticate with an e-mail address, where the user receives an access link. Then fill in the fields with the required data. The steps are similar to those for generating the EU COVID digital certificate.
The platform will be accessible to anyone, starting with December 20, 2021.
When do I have to fill out the form?
The form must be filled in individually with a maximum of 24 hours before entering Romania. It can be completed electronically from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
How is the form checked?
When verifying the identity card / passport in the computer system of the Border Police, it will be displayed if the person has filled in the form. It does not need to be printed.
Who has access to the personal data filled in the form?
The data completed in the form are accessed only by authorized employees of the public health directorates and can be used strictly for the purpose of conducting epidemiological investigations.
The data is physically and legally protected and is not passed on to third parties.
STS provides specific cyber security measures for the computer system for issuing the digital entry form.